Today I did something awesome with Betsy's Cryo Therapy Treatment! She worked on my very sensitive neck and I could feel the knots melt away! After just one 5 minute session I could move my neck and shoulders so much better! I felt the pain just wash away! I am relieved and relaxed for the first time in many years! Thank you Betsy! You are amazing!

Casey Johnson

I had one of the most interesting experiences with my localized cryotherapy treatments. At first I was a bit skeptical, as I wasn’t sure how it was going to feel. After my first treatment I was in love. I noticed a change after my first session. It not only worked on my areas that I wanted to slim down, but it also gave me renewed energy and a feeling of wellbeing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I started to sleep better and my mood was improved. It was more of a natural feeling and not jittery or anything like that. Thank you Betsy for turning me into Cryotherapy. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Specially after the quarantine weight gain! You’re and Angel.

Robbie White

I went in for a treatment after a shoulder injury. My range of motion was at 50% capacity and I was participating in a golf tournament. I went in for my first treatment and was able toMobilize my arm up to 75% range of motion. The second treatment sealed the deal. Was without pain a full range of motion after only 2 treatments. I was back in my tournament after my last treatment. I didn’t have to drop out and no surgery was needed. This is the real deal my friend!

Riley Jones

Hi, I just wanted to thank Betsy at Prana Blu Cry Slimmers MedSpa for her incredible service and professionalism and understanding. As we get older things don’t always turned out the way we expect them to. I was very athletic in my younger years but aging set in and with age come chronic pain. I had knee pain and I couldn’t get it fully handled for years. I went to many Drs. And Specialists to no avail. I went Chiropractors and had gotten trigger pint injections and stem cell injections and nothing really fully help. I had just lost hope for any betterment. A friend of my wife Sue, had told her about how she had gotten some cryotherapy and how it had helped her. My wife got me to try it out, I was not a happy candidateafter so many losses on attempted tries of handling my knee pain. But God wanted me to try this I suppose, and to my own amazement it worked. It took me a little over 6 treatments but my pain was gone and has not relapsed. Thank yo to my wife Sue for making me try it. And thank you Betsy for your kindness and expertise. I can now walk without pain in my knee.